Rob Wilks

Producer, Musician, Engineer

In 2006 I founded Squarehead studio. As a space to be creative and experiment writing and recording music with long term collaborator and friend Kristofer Harris.

Since then we have made a lot of music together and with others. We have played, recorded, produced and mixed for many bands and artists, including
Story Books, Smoke Fairies, Clock Opera, Indoor Pets.

Now living in London, I split my time between Squarehead and London’s 123 studios Peckham. Here I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside owner Engineer/producer Brett Shaw, making records with Foals, Florence and the Machine and Liane La Havas.

I’m always looking for fresh projects and the opportunity to be creative with both established and up and coming artists. I enjoy being in the studio, exploring new sounds and making great records.

If you would like assistance with the technical aspects of recording a live band in a large analog studio, or writing and making songs in a living room on a laptop, I’d like to help.

Current projects that I'm working on include Videocean, Alejandra Ribera and Jess Chalker.

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